Bible Review: CBP Large Print New Testament

Cover: This Bible from CBP is part of their Faux Series which, as you could guess, has a faux leather cover. The printed grain on this cover is very nice – almost like a grainy goatskin. There is tight perimeter stitching around the edge of the cover. The cover overall is very flexible and has a very nice feel in the hand.

Binding: The binding of this Bible is very sturdy…a staple of CBP Bibles. It is edge-lined with a synthetic liner.

Ribbon: The ribbon on this New Testament is a very nice double-sided satin ribbon – which is nothing different than the amazing ribbons on all CBP Bibles.

Paper: This is something that I think sets this New Testament apart from others. This paper is thick and somewhat rough. Think of it as nice Bible paper and newspaper. It may sound strange, but take my word for it – it’s really nice. (I go on…and on…about it in the video.)

Layout: This New Testament has an interesting layout as it is what CBP refers to as a “marked edition”. Bearing Precious Seed also offers New Testaments with these markings. It is great for a soul-winning help, but also makes it great for a new Christian to get some basic knowledge of salvation and service. (I go through some of the markings in the video as well.)

Pick yourself up a copy of this awesome New Testament:

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