Bible Review: Holman Large Print Ultrathin KJV

I love getting new Bibles. And I love looking at the different features of Bibles. I’ve watched a lot of Bible Reviews on YouTube and on blogs and always thought it would be cool to do a review. So, here it is: my first Bible review.

The Holman Large Print Ultrathin Reference Bible is an awesome Bible over all.

Goatskin Cover: They say this is a goatskin leather cover. It is very soft and floppy. However, it doesn’t necessarily feel like the highest quality goatskin – almost like a soft cowhide.

Contrast Stitching: Contrast stitching is having different color stitching on the outside and the inside of the cover. On the outside the stitching is black, and on the inside it is red. It makes for a very beautiful cover. One downside to contrast stitching is that it a stitch comes loose, you can REALLY tell because the other color shows through.

Bright White Paper: I really like the brightness of the paper. It makes the letters really stand our. Because the paper is so white and somewhat thin, there is some show through, or shadowing, of the lines of the other side of the paper.

References: I really enjoy the reference system in this Bible. The references for the left column are at the top of the center column while the reference for the right column are at the bottom. It does make it a littler quicker to find a reference you are looking for.

What the video below for a more detailed review of the features of the Holman Large Print Ultrathin Reference KJV or click the link below to check it out and pick one of the wonderful Bibles up for yourself.

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