The Flashlight

As we continue our thoughts from several weeks ago, we come to the flashlight. Personally, I love flashlights – ask my wife. I have a flashlight for every task. I have one I carry to work everyday, one on my nightstand, and even more that are just “around”.

But let’s think for a moment about the spiritual side of a flashlight. The Bible points out three different lights: 1) The Bible (Ps. 119:105), 2) Jesus Christ (Jn 8:12), and 3) The Christian (Mt. 5:14). All three of these lights work in unison to help the unsaved come to a saving knowledge of Christ and help Christians become more Christ-like.

Light does three things:

1) It disperses darkness

When light is present, darkness is not. The light of God’s Word, the light of Christ, and the light of the Christian testimony will all cause darkness to flee.

2) It displays direction

Light – a flashlight especially – can be used to show the direction one should go. God’s Word shows us the way we should go, Christ was the perfect example of how we should walk, and the Christian should be an example of how to live.

3) It displaces dangers

When we have light, we can clearly see the dangers that are coming. We must constantly be on guard concerning the temptations that can come upon us. God’s Word will help us be prepared. Christ’s example will show us to turn to God’s Word (Mt. 4). And the example of Christians who’ve come before will show us Christ’s sufficiency even during temptation.

Let us keep our physical flashlight ready, but keep our spiritual flashlight even more prepared to help ourselves and others as we contend for the faith.

– S.G.