The Pen

A few weeks ago we looked at 3 things to have with us everywhere. You can read that article Here.

Having talked about those things, and the reason we should have them with us, I want to switch the thought back to our normal “Contend” idea. There are spiritual applications to those 3 things and we are going to look at each one of of them individually.

Pens are a great thing to have in being prepared (especially now during our coronavirus pandemic – you don’t want to use the “store-use” pen). But let’s think for a moment about the pen in a spiritual light.

There are things that we need to write. The Bible commands us to “write [the Bible] upon the table of thine heart” in Proverbs 3:3 and Proverbs 7:3. This is a spiritual writing – placing God’s Word on our heart.

We also need to be people of prayer. Personally, as I’m sure is the case with most people, if I tell someone I will pray for them, I want to do just that. However, if I don’t write down that prayer request there is great chance (nearly 100%) that I will forget.

And lastly, we need to write down things we can do to improve ourselves in our day to day lives. This may be a thought from our devotions, a quote we heard, or an idea that we want to remember.

These things are simple, but we must realize the importance of the pen as we “contend for the faith.”