New Year, Same God

As we are now two full weeks into 2020 it seems strange to still have the phrase “new year” in a blog post. Resolutions are already being broken – perhaps never even started. However, of the 52 weeks of a year, we are still relatively close to the start. I, personally, am very excited about this new year. I have some goals that I have set for myself. We have exciting things going on at church. And we still serve a great God – that is the main thought of this post.

Going into 2020 we must realize that God is the same God that He has been since before time began. The God that walked in the Garden with Adam and Eve is the same God we serve today. The God that provided a ram for Abraham is the same God that provides for us today. The God that worked in the lives of the saints of the Bible is the same God that works in our hearts and lives today.

Let us not think that God is a God of yesterday or that He is less concerned with us than He was with those before us. He still loves and cares for His children and He still wants us to love Him. We still need Him and He still wants us to need Him. God wants to have a personal relationship with each and every one of us.

In this new year, let me encourage you to think of God as the God you think of when you read about Joshua and Jericho, or David and Goliath, or the God you think of when you read the Creation story. He is the SAME as He was then and we should rely on Him as such.

Let me also point you to a blog post I wrote at the beginning of last year that I believe will help you serve God better.

Have a great 2020!