Accept the Unexpected

Some of you may have read the title and though “the saying is, ‘expect the unexpected’.” That is true. But I’m not talking about how to expect things that cannot be expected. I want to challenge you (and myself) to accept those things that we did not expect.

If it’s a good thing:

Praise God for it. This probably seems elementary, but we must never forget to thank the One Who gives all blessing!

Don’t let it change you. Think of the “winning the lottery” scenario. Someone who has been struggling for years, all of the sudden, gets more money than they know what to do with. They completely change the way they live, they become snobs, and they blow all the money. Don’t be that way with an unexpected blessing. Be smart.

Don’t make others regret your blessing. This ties closely with the previous point. Don’t use your new “blessing” (whether monetary, physical, spiritual, etc.) to become an annoyance to those around you.

If it’s a something you didn’t want:

Praise God for it. Praising God in the bad times takes a certain peace. But it also brings a certain peace. No matter what, surrender to God. Praise Him for the good, the bad, and everything in between.

Accept it. Many time praising God will show your acceptance of an unpleasant situation, but make sure that you have accepted it. Always remember: God knows what is best. He knows what we all need. He’s in control.

Don’t blame God. Christian, please remember this. Even if something is turning out differently than you hoped, don’t blame God. If you’re having trouble accepting this trouble, don’t blame God. Blaming God is a very low level to stoop to that will ultimately end up in the demise of any Christian. Bitterness will take hold and it will become harder and harder for you to move on – even after the struggle has ended.

Friend, as Christian who are trying to “contend for the faith”, we can’t afford to let unexpected things hider our service for God.