When God Closes a Door

There are times in our lives when we think something is going to happen, yet the circumstances change it’s does not come to pass. In Christianity we often call this “God closing the door”.

1) Wait with Prayer

When there is a situation that changes and you feel God has “closed the door”, you must continue praying! Don’t allow the devil to convince you that God closed the door to hurt you, or that He doesn’t want what’s best for you. Many Christians will feel like God isn’t working on their behalf and thus, stop praying. However, the opposite is true. God is still working and He still knows what’s best for us; and prayer is the best way for us to feel like God is in control, and to show Him that we believe He’s in control.

2) Wait with Patience

Patience is something that many Christians lack. Let me illustrate this point. As you walk down the hallway of life, you pass many doors. You see an open door and assume that God’s will is evident. Then, the door closes. This is where the patience comes into play. You must continue to walk down the hallway. Many times we fail to continue, when in fact, God has opened another door but we haven’t reached it yet!

3) Wait with Persistence

You’ve probably heard the phrase “keep on keepin’ on”. This is a key step in staying in God’s will even when a door closes. Don’t neglect the things that you know God wants you to do. God still wants you to read your Bible. He still wants you to pray to Him. He still wants you to attend church. Don’t let the hurt and confusion of a closed door keep you from doing the things that you know God wants you to be doing.

When God closed a door, wait! Wait with prayer, patience, and persistence!