Water-like Christianity

Whether it’s fishing in a small stream or swimming or boating on a lake, I love being on or around the water. There’s something about the water that is calming and awe-inspiring. As I think about water, a couple correlations to the Christian life.

1) Water is Powerful

Think of the power of a tsunami. The sheer devastation is incredible. Although a Christian should not leave destruction in their path, they do have amazing power. We have the all-powerful Creator living inside of us. We are also are sharing the most powerful thing in this world – the love of God.

I fear that we neglect the power that we have available because we loose sight of the God inside of us and the love of God we are supposed to pour out to others!

2) Water makes a Difference

Water has amazing eroding capability. Over time, a small stream can wear away even the hardest of rocks.

My generation – the Millennials – has a terrible habit of not sticking with anything. We want instant gratification and become discontent when it does not come. In turn, we turn to something else in search for some purpose. The problem with this attitude is this: most things offer little to no gratification in the short term. Many Christians are the the same way. When we see something is not giving us what we want, we stop doing it and give up. But, like water, we must keep at it. We are making a difference, but it often takes more than one or two days. Many times it takes years to see the fruits of our labor.

3) One Drop influences the Whole

If you had a bucket of water and drip one drop into it, what happens? You get a ripple-effect that influences the entire bucket.

Many times we feel that our Christian lives don’t really matter in the big picture. But God has a plan for each one of us. When our life is the “drop in the bucket”, we may be surprised at how much influence we really had. Just think: the next Billy Sunday, D.L. Moody, Jack Hyles, or Amy Carmichael might be sitting and listening to you teach. Or perhaps they are just watching your life and seeing how you react to struggles. Maybe they are just admiring your faithfulness. Stick with it. You never know the ripple-effect your life will have on the bucket.

Let’s determine to become Water-like Christians!