Reflections on Relaxation

Although this article won’t be published for a week or so, I am sitting and writing it on July 4 – our great Country’s birthday. With my busy work schedule, and my even busier church schedule, finding time to relax is quite rare. Spending time to one’s self is important but sometimes overlooked or even looked down upon. I’m finishing up the first draft of my second book, balancing work and school, while all the while working on a long distance relationship! All of these things are very important and do indeed deserve my time and attention. However, relaxation is incredible important to keep from burning out or giving up.

Here are a couple thoughts about the importance of taking some time to relax.

1) It gives time to Rest

I think this is obvious, but taking time off give time to rest. The human body is incredibly resilient, but this resilience will run out eventually. Someone who takes no days off will sooner or later get so worn out they will have no choice but to take a day – or more – off. Don’t misunderstand, I believe it’s very important to push your. If you don’t you will never succeed. But think about this: if you push yourself so hard that you burn out and give up because you physically can’t do anymore, are you really doing yourself any good?

2) It gives time to Reflect

Having time off gives you time to think about the things that have been happening in your life. Sometimes when things are busy all the time, we miss the chance to sort out the things that have been bothering us throughout the day. Use some time to reflect on the happenings of the past few days, and ask God to help you prioritize the things that have been on your mind. Many times, taking some time to reflect will prove that some things aren’t as bad as they seem. It may also show that there are things you have completed overlooked and you need to address.

3) It gives time to Respond

If you are like me, you want to be close to God. I think every Christian would probably say “yes” right there. Unfortunately, in the “in’s and out’s” of our day to day lives we miss opportunity after opportunity to respond to the leading of God. Reading your Bible everyday is incredibly important, but you must respond and react to what you are reading. God may speak to you, but as soon as you see a truth, it’s off to work. Then the stress and decisions of the day push that still small voice of God to the background. But taking some time to yourself can give a moment to truly respond to the Holy Spirit.

Assess your time. Are you taking some time alone? Are you taking a day off every so often? It will give you time to Rest – think of your body. It will give you time to Reflect – think of your mind. It will give you time to Respond – think of your spirit!