To See Revival: part 1

The word ‘Revival’ brings to mind many things. To some, it’s an annual meeting to have a special church service and perhaps hear a different preacher. To others, it’s something that took place years ago, never to be replicated in a modern way. And yet, to some, it is a matter of the heart; a decision and way of life to every individual. This last view of revival, I believe, is correct. I want to look at three aspects of revival that we need to understand and realize in order To See Revival.

1) It’s Personal

I believe one of the most important things to realize about revival is that it is a personal thing. It is an individual matter. Let’s look at the first part of the “revival verse”, 2 Chronicles 7:14. “If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways…”

Many Christians see this and think since it says “my people” it must mean all Christians. While this is a collective statement, it’s also a very personal statement. How many Christians can you control? Just one; yourself. So, who are you responsible for in “my people”? Just one person; yourself.

I’m not asking about the spiritual condition of your family…only about you. I’m not asking about the spiritual condition of your church…only about you. Examine yourself. Are you humble in your walk? Are you praying for God’s hand to move? Are you striving to seek God’s face? And are you actively turning from your sins? If you answered “no” to any of those questions, then the chances are that you aren’t in a position for personal revival.

2) It’s Powerful

Look at the remainder or 2 Chronicles 7:14. “…then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land.” You cannot read those word and tell me that there is no power represented in that verse. The power that God would display would be unprecedented. Just to hear us is a powerful thing.

Then to forgive sin shows incredible power. The Pharisees said, “who can forgive sins but God?” Their statement was against Christ, but the truth is that the power of God is necessary to forgive sin – and that power is unbelievable!

3) Its Pertinent

I think we would all agree that America is in desperate need of revival. A need that has perhaps never been seen before in this country or in another! We pray, “Lord, send revival”. But do we truly see the incredible need of revival? We are in a time when many believe revival is not possible, and because of that, they fail to see the dire need for a revival!

I’m not saying that a Great Awakening type revival is coming; but, I am saying that if we never notice the importance, we’ll never see revival.

Now is the time to put yourself in a place to see revival. Now is the time to realize that it is a personal matter, a powerful matter, and a pertinent matter. Let’s see a Revival!