Advice on Attitude

It’s been said, “Your attitude determines your altitude.” In other words, your attitude (good or bad) and your outlook (whether positive or negative) will determine where you dwell. Too many Christians have a bad attitude toward the things of God and a pessimistic outlook on life in general.

1) Check It (2 Corinthians 13:5-7)

Paul is telling the church of Corinth that they are too examine themselves. He continues to tell them to prove their faith, make certain they are not reprobate, to continue in faith, and to do no evil. Many Christians have become accepting of bad attitudes because those attitudes have become so commonplace in churches, homes, and Christian lives.

I’m not asking you to point out the bad attitude of someone in your church or youth group. I’m not asking about the attitude of some member of your family. I’m asking you to “examine yourself.”…check your attitude. Do you have a poor attitude toward the things of God? Are you know as a “grumpy” or “grouchy” person? Does your youth group and youth pastor dread your presence because of your pessimism?

The Bible clearly tells us that “a merry heart maketh a cheerful countenance” (Prov. 15:13). If you lack a cheerful countenance, then you’re probably lacking a merry heart!

2) Confess It (1 John 1:9)

The glorious promise is given. “Confess your sin, and I’ll forgive it.” I believe, if we are honest with ourselves, we would all agree that God does not want us to have a bad attitude or pessimistic outlook on life. God created us, made a way of salvation, dwells in us if we are saved, guides our steps if we let Him, protects us, and wants to use us. I can’t truthfully say that He would be accepting of me being discontent with where I’m at or where I’m going.

The Bible tells us that if we know to do something (have a good attitude) and don’t do it, it’s sin! If you know that God wants your attitude to be positive and yet you aren’t, then you’re sinning.

But God has made a way of clearing the sin out of our life – confession. All you have to do is Confess your sin to God and He’ll cleanse it and forgive you for it. But you must confess it. You cannot just say, “God knows I don’t want to have a bad attitude.” It’s true: He does know. But He wants you to tell Him that you are wrong and want forgiveness.

3) Correct It (Phil. 4:8)

In the book of Philippians, Paul writes to us the things that we should think on. Things that are “true,…honest,…just,…lovely…”. I submit that if Christian teens would start thinking “on these things”, we would see a drastic transformation of attitude in our churches and youth groups.

The way to correct your attitude is to correct your thinking. If you are constantly burdened down with the troubles of your life, change your thoughts. If you are continuously troubled with what may come, change your thoughts. If you are struggling with the things that are “on your plate”, change your thoughts. Replace the thoughts of being overwhelmed with thoughts of being an overcome through Christ. Think of the salvation that Christ gives. Think of the position you have as a child of God. Think of the daily grace that He gives you. Think of the blessings of your church and youth group. Think of the countless times that He brought you through when you didn’t know where to turn.

What’s your attitude like? Is it lacking? How’s your outlook? Are you dwelling on things that you have no control over? I challenge you: search you heart and be honest with yourself. If you find your attitude and outlook need to be fixed, humbly confess it to God. Then, start thinking on the things that will transform your poor attitude into a positive, God-honoring attitude!